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Commercial litigation

We advise clients throughout all stages of their commercial disputes. The rich experience of our team allow them to manage all with procedural techniques and act before all types of civil and commercial courts in contractual and tortious litigation :

Our practice includes :

  • ·Prevention of conflicts during pre-litigation and court proceedings - Commercial court, High court, courts of appeal, the AMF (French financial market authority) and Arbitration court;

  • ·Legal disputes in commercial relations (non-performance, liability);

  • Litigation relating to Corporate Law (disputes between shareholders, management expertise, abuse of majority or minority, cancellation of shareholders' meetings);

  • Post acquisition litigation (liability and asset warranties, price supplement clauses, liability claims);

  •  Litigation related to collective proceedings (liability or sanctions against the management, extensions of collective procedures)

Bankrupcy procedures / Restructuring

Our restructuring and collective procedures expertise covers: ​

  • amicable ad hoc mandate and conciliation procedures

  • legal procedures: accelerated safeguard, accelerated financial safeguard, safeguard, reorganization and judicial liquidation

  • takeovers of companies in difficulty: sale plan as part of judicial recovery, purchase of assets as part of judicial liquidation

  • supporting the company and its managers in their relations with the collective procedure bodies, the court and the public prosecutor's office

  • assistance to managers or shareholders in their negotiations with the company's main creditors and potential investors debt renegotiation

  • drafting protocols of understanding, backup or continuation plans

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